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Lebender Weltraum

Lebendinger Weltraum (living outer-space) is a piece concerned with the hauntological legacy of technologies and how this affects their societal potential. A question of whether technologies such as the car or the rocket can be divorced from the fascistic ideology of those so involved in their conception. Do these technologies that perpetuate the supremacy of the individual, need to be reappraised with an ideological understanding of their affordances? The question feels especially poignant as space enhabbitation once again becomes a cause celebre. With corporations once again leading a charge on colonialism we must appraise the history of exploitation, expansion and the role of technology in the idea of supremacy of the  individual. The idea of challenging this ontology was also influenced by an alternative philosophy concerning space travel. The early Soviet philosophy of Space Cosmism opposes our cultural idea of space inhabitation. In Space Cosmism the “common task” is to populate the future with past generations, “we should give birth to fathers not sons”.

My choice to relate these selected images to one another using Soviet film maker, Sergei Eisensteins “Intellectual Montage Theory”. Is an attempt to negate the Randian-individualism espoused in the hero worship of the authors of the technologies I've included. Creating this web of relation therefore, highlights a more existential materialist contention. Whereby, we must realise the necessity of an equality in society and a neutrality of the affordance of technology. The  highlights the interlinking of the US and Fascist Germany historically. I chose to trace the images and use Architectural draft paper as a way of emulating the rigidity of the of the politics I was inspired by.. 


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