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Our Manifesto 

To always show the best Contemporary Art available to us, highlighting young artists and their perspectives. 


To use Art as much as possible as an educational weapon, to challenge ignorance, prejudice, greed, and avarice. 


To be Pedagogical and not didactical, to hear others and not assume a position of superiority in the pursuit of knowledge. 


To be inclusive to all opinions if rationalised and all people if tolerant. 


To further Art and artist as the primary objective, before financial gain.


To spread the positive aspects of Art in society through direct communication, teaching and exhibiting to a wide audience.


To always find ways in which to help procure improvements to the world in whatever small way we can. 


To stand by ones opinions and not betray ideals for popularity or capital.


To change, this manifesto is not a stricture, it is a basis on which new ideas should built. 

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