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This was the first of two etchings I made of Religious Patriarchs. The idea behind the works was to show the way in which the Vestments employed by the church bolster the wearer and intimidate their followers. The Gnarled and wisened figure underneath shows the frailty of the control they exercise. The power they wield and have historically employed, is like a fairytale creature only existing as long as people collectively believe in it. These works feed into a larger concept that runs through my work. A reappraisal of the Judeo-Christian morality our society has inherited from from biblical teachings. Whereby, evil is defined as actions opposed to teachings of patriarchal dominance, monotheism and domination over heretics and nature.


The second of the etchings I made of Patriarch Figures, this Time an Orthodox priest. I was aesthetically, particularly inspired by the attire of the Russian Orthodox priest. The black and much more minimal attire imbues a floating spectral effect. Paired with the looming presence of a tall “Kalimavkion” hat and the priest's tendency to have a face covered by a beard. This figure becomes a sculptural monolith.

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