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My status waiting,

a patent in pointless

patience painting pictures

of perpetual silence.

piecing piercing parts 

of porcelain past together.


Devils in my mind running wild,

ashamed I ever smiled with you,

now I'm feeling blue.

Kroovy cold my soul

I would have sold for you.   


An absence in my chest.

a hollow in which to swallow pride.

By her side: Kind. 

Sober soul, boring, warm,

simple, stable, tall.

Monied mess, better than the rest, 

upper class, not too smart, funny, nice.

White rice, white bread,

white tiles bitter smiles.

Looking daggers thinking hammers




Cold concrete grazed knuckle unforgiven,

crawling like an ant across this city

 colossal in its nature.

Blank screens

responded to with silent screams.

Clouds peel across my mind,

empty pockets 

a new kind of silence fills the air around me, 

blackout merchants take my money and my night 

pinkish power wet my appetite 



Cement solid inside insides,

dropped eyelids jaw swinging,

horizon lost in a dark sea.

Rain steals the clouds down

and in my salty grip, 

you found foundation in slip.

















Cold sore___________

Beautiful Blooming flowers,

crisp lips bitten raw,

black dot cold sore.


Red mountains scream,

patches where the holes have been,

caught up with the sweet 

green escape machine.


petit moineau__________

Like a bird out of a cage 

you've exploded out of dark grasp,

with its dark past,

leaving me with fast sharps. 

Their steely bite and sweet relief,

while I remain beneath.

Depressions grasp holding fast,

too thick pass.

The grey landscape swallows me whole.

But you fly free,

free of me.

You've slipped me like a loose trap

or wayward bullet, your wings scorched

  by the hell you flew past while 

I live through it.


My granite face Expressionless

with thoughts of pills.

My soft hands, their long fingers

grasp for thrills.

My weak heart with its dark past

wants to kill.

My brain cloudy with evil thoughts

constant as a drill.

My eyes seeing all grey

and lids heavy still.

My lips hungry a craving

I can never fulfil.

My ears deaf to praise

only pain so shrill.

My legs tired resentful to move 

despite my will. 

My whole body lovesick 

Im terminally ill.


Shark attack_____________

A heat rises up my neck,

surfacing like a shark.


The kill it brings is of my own making, 

the stump agony lost in the maw gaping.

The disbelief the shark could take the arm so easily,

the nature of the arm and the shark don't appease me.

The arm finds its place in the gut of the fish, 

but I'm left unable to make a fist,

wanting to more than ever.

I cant pursue the shark through the water too dark,

Chasing something too fast.

The creature is too large, the ocean is too vast. 

The arm is gone but I feel its presence still,

wishing the shark would return for the kill.

I feel its presence it tickles and twitches,

throbs and itches.

The arm I miss it incredibly,

but miss it terribly for ripping so readily.

The initial pain has left but now bereft,

I'm left inept.

All I do is envy the shark but more the arm,

missing out on the constant harm.

A pain it will never feel at my side,

while nights outcome I decide.

Steels sweet bite on every winters 

Drunken night.

Instead the arm that was mine embraces the sharks need to feed.



I'm a Leviathan,

My colossal soul hulks ready to die.

Inside a last scream of acid etching and glass bending.

you haunt the tremendous crow, whose body feels the icy rain

like bullets in the grey landscape inhabited.


The wing beats, the hand beats.

The crow drops to feed, suicide drop.

A sharp black beak like glass worn smooth.

A soft breast exposed to scars of the heart.

A black hand span long digits cutting.

A black eye that's seen vast pain.

A black heart like a slither of flint. 


The heart moves in fragile ribs threatening the throat and letting blood.

Feeding the smaller crows, the enormous crow is alive for.

Their devil, his blood will poison them.

The edifice of the crows head rears hears the whistle of death.



It comes steady and relentless as breaths of

earth and suffocating as mouth of soil.

Inevitable as frosts thaw, and sticking fast

as crude oil.

The grey drops down like a screaming screen. 

my face drops with it, feet step with slates clean.

Dragging like wet clothes, cling to the drowning man.

fingers round my throat my lungs in the other hand.

God hates me and knows my name,

he knows how to harm me and when to play his game.

My desert chest like a chasm

in which my pain can rest.

Crow has landed and found his meal in flesh.



Blims and fleck of personality sprint for painted surface.

Painting in a new way, 

the ending of a bad day.  

 Tantalising the inanimate faces they brush against.

The grey matter envelopes the future in the sky

for the blink of an eye.

For as quick as decision to pull from a kiss,

the may fly red start their decent,

sound rushes in to be the first lament.

Neck limp head plummets, 

hope, dreams and thoughts

dance like children round the scene,

while black crow metal recoils a scream.  

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