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I am an Artist currently living and working in London, my practice concerns historical, political and philosophical discourse. I create artworks within these themes, across a variety of styles and mediums. 

Born in Brighton, I graduated with a First Class Honours from Camberwell college of Art in 2018, studying Fine Art Drawing. Whilst in my third year, I was asked to participate in masterclasses at the Royal Drawing School and I won The Richard Ford Award, a prize judged on work produced during a month long residency in Spain. Studying works in the National art museum of Spain: The Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Following graduation, I developed a practise that I had initiated while in my third year of university. Inspired by omnipresent themes in British society. Issues such as race and class and the inheritance of a National history of empire. I Used techniques on "intellectual montage theory", combining images to draw conclusions in the mind of the viewer. While looking at these disparate societal issues, the reoccurring explanation was capitalism. The very ideas of profit and its necessitation of exploitation. The reduction multiplicities of understanding so as to quantify and ascribe value and the way in which these philosophical concepts have material consequences became the focus of my practise. The first pieces that I made directly in regard to this concepts were due to feature in a contemporary the Draw Art Fair a drawing exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London. However, due to the global pandemic this show was never able to take place. 

Shortly before the Pandemic, I started a small gallery Kings Arch Gallery, on Brighton seafront. The aim was to facilitate exhibitions for early career Artists. Knowing how difficult exhibiting post graduation had been I felt that this could be a vital step in exposure. I ran the Gallery for 3 years before closing in 2023 and moving to London where I currently live and work, teaching Art and continuing a practise that is still exploring the impacts of capitalism and the philosophies associated with this economic system on our society and global future. 

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