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Patrick Metcalfe

Born In Brighton I currently live and work in South London having recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, Fine Art Drawing BA. My work is most accurately describable as reactionary, I consider my art a visual language. Often containing images that combine and contrast, not only with one another but with the time and environment in which they are seen.  Avoiding didactics when making work I see the pieces I make as investigatory, a combination of themes and thoughts that challenge preconceptions and societal discourse. My current work explores the role of white masculinity on society, as its conventions and signifiers seem less relevant to the world my work concentrates both on the effect that it has had on those who have suffered as a result of its position in a structural hierarchy, but also its effect on those such as myself that have proffered from its past and will regardless of our action contribute to its future. On a residency in Spain this Autumn as part of the Richard Ford award, I will be working from the collection held in Madrid's Prado gallery, further exploring the role of the past in dictating the many facets of the present.